A few notes from past customers about how happy they were to build with us! We are proud to share them and have more referrals upon request.

These were homeowner’s who built in 2006 with a build less than $300K.

How would you overall rate Majestic Builders and Craig?  Would you recommend them for custom home building?

We would give an “Outstanding” rating to Craig and his company. He made the project much more enjoyable and problem-free than we anticipated building a house would be, and we would recommend him without reservation. In fact, we’ve recommended him to others who were contemplating building a house.  It probably says something that during and after building the house, with all that that can entail,  we developed a friendship with Craig and still consider him to be a friend.

How long did it take to build your house and did Craig meet the agreed to deadlines?

It took about 6 months to build the house – no problem with deadlines at all.

What made you decide to select Majestic as your builder?

We wanted to work with a small builder so that we would have the attention and oversight of the head of the company, not some project manager who was bouncing from house to house. Craig came with recommendations, was personable and accommodating, and was very honest. He personally supervised every step of the project, even to the extent of doing the finish carpentry. His relationships with his subs was excellent – the subs liked working for him, liked the insistence on quality work, and liked and respected each other (they even used each other on their own personal projects). The quality of everyone’s work showed through, both in the model home we saw before deciding and in our own home.

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